The Battle Within: My Lyme Story

I’m excited to announce that my memoir The Battle Within has been published. The writing of my book began as a form of catharsis and blossomed into my passion project. I wrote it as much for me as for you.

While I was battling Lyme disease I felt so alone and scared. As many of you know, finding information about Lyme disease can be challenging. It also presents in so many different ways for each individual, sometimes it’s hard to know from one moment to the next if you’re going to make it to the other side.

And so, while it started out as catharsis, my end goal is to offer you a look into my journey. Hopefully, you’ll find some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Without further ado, The Battle Within: My Lyme Story is now available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple Kindle and many other sites. Follow the link below to purchase your copy today.


The Battle Within is a powerful, insightful memoir revealing the beast that is Lyme disease. Jana lays bare a life burdened by chronic illness and her epic battle against an elusive enemy. Her story culminates with a life-changing pilgrimage through psychotherapy. With courage and honesty, Jana effortlessly weaves a narrative that beckons us along.

At the age of three, Jana found her passion in the dance studio. By the age of nine, she had dreams of being a ballerina. Despite the exhaustion that plagues her most of her life, she barrels through the challenges. But, by the time she enters college as a dance major, the fatigue becomes all-consuming and a crippling pain begins to overwhelm her. Over time, the symptoms keep mounting: migraines, dizziness and a tremor that weakens her resolve to become a professional dancer. By her mid-thirties, Jana is floundering. After decades of slogging through life, her body can no longer sustain. Four dramatic health events finally lead to a diagnosis of Lyme disease, and the long tightrope of treatment towards full recovery.

As Jana nears her victory over Lyme, she is confronted with a new enemy. Diagnosed with chronic PTSD, she shares her inspiring pilgrimage through psychotherapy. Her voyage into the depths of her psyche reveals a creative cast of characters that fill her with hope, even in her darkest hours.

The Battle Within captivates us with evocative scenes of a life challenged by exhaustion, pain and fear. We witness Jana find the fortitude to push through the burden of chronic illness. She takes a deep dive into the reality of overcoming Lyme disease and finding inner strength in the face of PTSD. Facing her fears and vulnerabilities, Jana finds healing and her truth. Her story is a celebration of resilience, hope and renewal.

Jana works with a local non-profit serving the elderly community. She is the author of A Battle Within: A Memoir, which she is currently working to self-publish. Her battle with Lyme disease inspired her to share her story, both as a means of catharsis as well as to spread awareness about this harrowing affliction. A Battle Within will be Jana’s first publication.